Frequently Asked Questions

Staying At Camp

When does the camping season at Mishewah start?  When does it end?

Our camping season generally runs from the May long weekend to Labour Day weekend.  Exact opening dates may vary based on weather and spring lakewater levels.

What sort of weather can we expect during family camp?

Weather can change quickly at camp, so plan ahead for very hot days, and for very wet days. 

How cold does it get at night?

The temperature at night depends on the time of year.  The nights can get quite chilly by the end of August. Come prepared with clothing and bedding for hot or cool weather.

Should I be worried about bugs?

Bugs love camp too!  We have lots of mosquitoes, as well as several species of biting flies.  The insects tend to be the worst in the early summer. We encourage long sleeves and pants in the evening, and insect repellent and Afterbite are essential items to pack. 

Are wild animals a concern at Mishewah?

Most animals tend to avoid locations busy with people, but squirrels, chipmunks, racoons and other small animals are common, and we have occasionally had Black Bears come onto the property in the past.  We ask campers to properly store and dispose of waste and food in time for evening garbage pick-up, in order to keep from attracting bears and other animals. 

What kind of bedding should we pack?

The bedding you need to pack depends on the accommodations you have rented.  Sleeping bags are a common choice.  Our cabins have bunks so require single sheets. Some other accommodations have double or queen beds.  After registration we can let you know about these details

Are cabins equipped for small appliances?

Our older cabins (1-16) are not presently equipped to handle appliances

Can we use a camping stove?

Camp stoves are welcome outside of the cabins and rooms, and at campsites.

What are the showers like?  Are they private?

Our washrooms have individual showers with an attached private changing stall.

Sending Kids To Camp

Who takes care of my child’s medication at camp?

All medications are safely stored with our camp nurse.  Your child will visit the nurse at scheduled times or as needed to take their medications.

Will I be able to contact my child at camp?

We find that talking to parents will actually make a homesick camper MORE homesick, rather than making them feel better, so calls home are strongly discouraged.  In case of an emergency, you are welcome to contact the camp office and we will connect you with your camper as needed.  If you are staying at Mishewah during your child’s week of camp. we ask you to check with the camp staff before coming over to the Kids Camp area to visit your child.  Getting mail at camp is always fun!  Since we don’t always know how long the post will take to arrive, we suggest writing letters ahead of time and bringing them when you register your child for camp.

Can my child bring their cell phone or other electronics to camp?

These devices have a way of getting lost, broken or sometimes even stolen at camp. Young people spend a lot of time on electronic devices and with the easy access to wireless technology, we are finding it increasingly more difficult to find a balance in allowing some electronics and not others.  Camp is one of the few places throughout the year where kids and youth can truly “unplug” and we have made a decision to honour and recognize Camp Mishewah as a “screen free” space. The same is expected of our counsellors.

What should I and should I not send with my child to camp?

We have a complete packing list for your reference.

More questions about Kids Camp? Visit our Parent Information Page!