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“Mish-In-A-Box” Video Archives


Thanks to everyone who participated in Mish-In-A-Box with us during the summers of 2020 and 2021.  We are thankful for the many volunteers who put countless hours into creating the experience in both 2020 and 2021.  We plan to leave the Mish-In-A-Box Videos archived here for the time being for anyone who wants watch and enjoy.


Day 1: Foundation

Day 1 Challenges & Chapel

Day 1 Craft Instructions

Day 2: Walls

Day 2 Challenges & Chapel

Day 2 Craft Instructions

Day 3: Roof

Day 3 Challenges & Chapel

Day 3 Craft Instructions

Day 4: Door

Day 4 Challenges and Chapel

Day 4 Craft Instructions

Day 4 Bonus: Campfire!

Day 5: Inside

Day 5 Challenges and Chapel

Day 5 Craft Instructions

Goodbye For Now!


Day 1: Experience Jesus

Day 2: Experience Community

Day 3: Experience Creation

Day 4: Experience Renewal

Day 5: Experience Life-Changing Love

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