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Week 1 (July 3-9)

Program Directors: Rob & April Gulliver

It seems our entire time together – 47 years married and best friends for 49 – has always revolved around camp. Actually, that is how we met as teenagers. April’s family camped through-out the summer at Wheatley Provincial Park on Lake Erie. Rob is from there plus he worked there as a Park Ranger while attending Forestry College. Love struck and soon we were married, started a family and continued to work in the field of parks and recreation.

Even before our children (daughter-Rebecca and son-Nathan) could even walk, they were experiencing what it is to go camping. That journey continues in their lives with their own families along with our other two daughters – Grace-Lyn and Kaylea. All of our children, biological, adopted and fostered, enjoyed camp every summer – including Camp Mishewah since 1991.

With out a doubt, camping is the place to slow down, to break the rhythm of regular routines, to sit quietly by a fire, fish in still places, visit with your family and friends, enjoy what each camp has to offer along with learning new things. No doubt many of you could add to this list but suffice to say – camping is like fresh wind for our souls. Camp Mishewah offers this and so much more as there is time to be still, listen for His voice and know that He is who He says He is – our loving, caring, watching over Heavenly Father!

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