Kids & Youth Camps

Our Youth Camp sessions at Mishewah run from Sunday to Saturday during the month of August. Our beautiful waterfront property has so much to offer and we run a variety of activities to meet every camper’s needs. Our directors, staff and counsellors are always excited to engage with the campers to create a wonderful and memorable experience. Counsellors are trained to lead the campers in all activities as well as meaningful times of devotions together in small cabin groups. There are six to eight campers in each cabin with at least two counsellors giving leadership.

At Scamps & Champs and Junior Teen, Steve & Jeanette Balzer, Chris & Sharon Jones and an amazing team of program staff and counsellors have a passion to show the love of Jesus to campers throughout an exciting week of fun, learning and challenges.

At Sr. Teen week, directors Jonathon & Heidi Sawatzky, along with a fantastic team of staff and counsellors, will aim to create a fun week that will also challenge campers.  There are lots of special skills and activities offered only during Sr. Teen, as well as workshops, chapel times, campfires, extreme wide-games, and loads of time to relax, recharge, and reconnect with God and friends before a new school year kicks off.  The absolute best way to end your summer!

Scamps & Champs

Ages 8-11

August 4-10, 2024

Jr. Teen

Ages 12-14

August 11-17, 2024

Sr. Teen

Ages 15-18

August 18-24, 2024