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Calling all Campers!

These days, our camps are quieter and a chill is in the air.  Fall is almost here!  That means it is time to look back and celebrate our (very different) season of camp, and begin looking ahead to the next year.

Want to be a part of the conversation and learn about what is happening at Stayner and Mishewah and where we are headed?

This is your official invitation to join the team and become a member of ECM Camps!

All members will receive an information package containing financial details, program overviews, approved board motions testimonies, and more, and have the ability to vote at our Annual Members Meeting.

We are looking forward to our Annual Members Meeting on Saturday, November 7th.  Given ongoing uncertainty around gathering sizes, we will be in communication as soon we can with what form the AMM will take (whether in-person with physical distancing measures, online, or a combination of both)

Membership is only $20 for the year.  Click here for the online membership application.  (Paper forms available upon request.)

Deadline for membership applications is October 6th, 2020

Contact [email protected] with any questions about online registration


P.S.  Did you know that all EMCC Churches in Ontario and Quebec are members of ECM Camps?  We invite all of our churches to consider appointing a church representative who can share camp updates with your congregation, and attend and vote on the church’s behalf at our Annual Members Meeting

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