Happy 50th Birthday Camp Mishewah!


On January 22, 1972, the Missionary Church Canada East District purchased a property on Round Lake, which at that time was known as Camp Kirjatharba.

The property was much-desired by many prospective buyers, but the owner, Mrs. Middleton, stipulated that the site could only be sold to an evangelical group who would run children’s camps, and so ultimately, the district paid just over $23,000 for the property.

When it was time to sell the camp, Mrs. Middleton wrote this: “It was a very hard thing for me to sell this place but when the time came it seemed that there was just a voice that was saying ‘If you sell it to these people they will carry it on for a soul saving station. If you keep it you won’t be able to manage it because the work is too big.’ So I looked into the future and saw the Lord was going to undertake for it and it will still be work to bring forth fruit to God’s honour and glories as long as it is there.”

There was a lot of work to be done in the year following: clearing brush and swamp, putting up tabins, repairing buildings, and choosing the new name for the camp: Mishewah, which means ‘heart’ in Algonquin.

And what an amazing 50 years it has been since then! We hope that Mrs. Middleton would be pleased to see the ministry that has continued here at the camp. We can’t wait to celebrate this milestone with you, and we look forward to the next 50 years of life-changing ministry at Camp Mishewah!

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